Monday, May 16, 2011

How to use a Prepaid Rebate Card

My wife recently bought MetroPCS phones. Both had rebates associated with them. But, instead of sending us a check, MetroPCS sent us Prepaid Credit Cards. What's annoying about such cards is that if you try to charge more than the remaining balance, the charge is rejected. And, if you don't use up the balance within a few months, they start charging fees. For the first card, I tried to use it at brick-and-mortar retailers for relatively small purchases. Bad idea. You have to keep track of exactly how much you've used so you know how much to ask to be charged if the purchase is more than the balance. I got lucky and made two purchases that totaled just barely less than the total balance. The extra $.14 just wasn't worth the bother. But, with the second card, I realized my foolish ways---why not just buy myself a gift certificate. In fact, why not just buy myself an Amazon gift certificate. We buy stuff from Amazon almost every week and if you have applied a GC to your account, Amazon will apply any remaining GC funds first before charging your credit card. We were in the market for a Sous vide machine, so I managed to burn the entire GC about 30 seconds after I purchased it. Woo hoo!